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Angela's Computer & Media Shoppe
Greene, ME, 04236  |  (207) 520-9573  | Your IT and Electronic Whisperer| Serving Mid Maine, USA

Multi Machine 1 Year Preventive Maintenance

This will cover your choice of 2 Machines: a tablet and computer, two computers.  
This makes me your IT computer user specialist. I guarantee to remote in onto the devices once a month.
I conduct preventive maintenance that includes:

  • All Cach clean-up, browser, hard drive, and DNS.
  • Run a different virus and malware check.
  • Remove old downloads not needed, 
  • Some operating Systems tweaks to ensure the Machine runs at its best peak performance.
I do not use Artificial intelligence (AI) and use my in-person TLC.

I dedicate 2 hours to my first remote access (per Machine). Then I usually only need 1 hour each month. If you need extra work or lessons, you can replace 1 hour for that month for me to troubleshoot and teach.

My hourly rate is between 35 to 55 per hour.  If you are a member of mine, I will only charge 35 per hour for any extra task you may want and or need.

Smart TV
Set up a new router
Troubleshoot communication issues
Connect by Bluetooth to speakers (home stereo, car, headphones, or a smart Hub, doorbell, tablet, etc.)

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